The Birth of Bluestarr Grappling

Bluestarr Grappling started out as just a fun venture with a few people who just trained together and loved the art. Head Coach, Sadiq Walt Daniels, started the club  because he wanted to hang out, teach and train his friends. From there, it grew into much more than just  hanging out and teaching classes, it grew to Bluestarr Grappling. Currently we offer classes for kids and adults. Included in our curriculum, we teach discipline of mind and body, instill confidence and empower you to be a successful individual. We are affiliates of GF Team,  under Prof. Israel Juarez as well as affilates of MCABJJ under Prof. Marcelo Carvalho. Contact us today for a current schedule of our classes and pricing!

Senior ​Leadership and Affiliation

Here our Head Instructor, Prof. Sadiq Daniels  (left), pictured with Prof. Marcelo Carvalho(right), Senior Member of GF Team California, Founder of MCABJJ and 5th Degree Black Belt who along with Prof. Israel Juarez promoted Sadiq Walt Daniels to black belt. 

Arizona Leadership

(Pictured Left to Right), Prof. Israel "Izzy" Juarez, Prof. Julio Casillas (Assistant Head Instructor-Bluestarr Grappling) and Prof. Sadiq Walt Daniels (Head Instructor- Bluestarr Grappling). 

We foster a very disciplined, but positive and successful atmosphere​ that starts with respect of yourself as well as respect of others.    

.Our upper belts are often used to assist as Junior Instructors and have the ability to step in to show technique or help teach our Lil Starrs.

           Self-Discipline                 Self-Confidence              Empowerment                 Mental Fortitude                   


It is only when you finally "let go and let jiu-jitsu", do you discover your true and present capabilities and it is only at that time are you READY for the next step in your grappling adventures.